At St. John's we want our school to be percieved as:

1/ A warm and Welcoming Learning Community

As one of our parents recently told us "Its like walking into a warm, friendly home."

Apart from many of the comforts of home the other features of our community are:

  • Our mult-function Unity Centre - a flexible learning space for Performing Arts, Sport and Assemblies.
  • A large, well landscaped play space providing plenty of opportunuites for creative play that encourage children to interact across a variety of ages.
  • Spacious well resourced classrooms.

2/ Fostering and Promoting Educational Excellence

 At St John’s we pride upon being Connected for Learning. We are Connected with Technology through a small device to student ratio and most importantly our small class sizes mean that our staff  are connected to the need of each child. With capped classes we have more time to tailor the way each student learns, and support them as they reach their full potential. Our students love to learn because we love to learn. Every week is ended with a celebration assembly where classes share their achievements from the weekend, and students receive many opportunities to share their work.

3/ An Important and Respected part of the Portland Community

 Since the school opened in 1980 St John’s has been a significant contributor to the Portland community. Our students strongly participate in community events such as Interschool Sport, Anzac Day March, Up Welling festival and inter-school sport. Our senior students also represent themselves, Portland and Victoria on their camps to Melbourne and Canberra.

4/ Using Christ as the model

 Christ often used parables to teach his disciples; tapping into their personal experience. This is dynamic learning that the sharing culture at St John’s embraces. You call me Teacher and Lord, and rightly so, for that is what I am” (John 13:13).