‘Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand’

The Mission Statement of St John’s Lutheran School outlines that in preparation for the student’s future St John’s provides a high quality, well balanced curriculum in a caring supportive environment. In partnership with your family we are committed to the development of each child’s God given abilities nurturing their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional qualities.

Your child will be taught by a unified ‘team of teachers’. 

Regardless of ability students are encouraged to develop their personal best. Students receive many opportunities to represent the school in a variety of sports.

Our curriculum offerings are supported  by:

  • A restorative approach to Behaviour Management but with still a zero tolerance to bullying and harassment.
  • Involvement of parents and other community members.
  • A full program of co-curricular and extra- curricular opportunities including camps, excursions, school representation and leadership opportunities.
  • High levels of access to ICT
  • Our motto of Praise, Love, Serve.

Pastoral Care

We also have a Pastoral Care Coordinator. This position is funded solely by the Commonwealth Government under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare program.




Literacy and Numeracy 

An uninterrupted 2 hour daily literacy block where students  are  placed in Journey groups that reflect their ability and needs. All students are at different points on their Literacy and Numeracy journey.

Christian Studies 

Christ welcomed all and discriminated against none. The Lutheran Christian Studies curriculum provides opportunities to explore values such as love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, courage, humility and hope regardless of church background. This is supported by a variety of worship forms and experiences.





Students are taught an engaging curriculum with an emphasis on key vocabulary and hands on experiences. The Year 5-6 Camps with trips to Scienceworks Melbourne and Questacon Canberra are wonderful culmination experiences.


The excursions and camps revolve around this one. With the P-2s discovering their local community,  the 3-4s learning about their Environment and Aboriginal Culture and the 5-6s visiting Melbourne and Canberra (Where the big decisions are made).  Students learn to research, reflect and summarise in their own words.

Performing Arts 

From third term things get particularly interesting with the Schools Music Festival and St John’s School Concert. Throughout the year all classes have a weekly lesson in stage craft, improvisation and performance skills as our students build confidence in front of an audience.

Visual Arts 

Our student Art exhibition ‘Art Alive’ is an event in itself as all members of our community are invited to see our display of student Art. Student talents are also evident in displays for local shows and Civic events. Students work in a variety of mediums  and techniques as hand-eye coordination and creativity are developed.


Watashitachi wa nihongo ga daiski des

We love Japanese

Students learn about a variety of festivals and cultural events as well as learning basic greetings, communication skills as well as hiragana, katakana and kunji alphabets. Learning about the language and culture of one of Australia’s major trading partners is significant in our school.

Health and Physical Education 

We are the only school in Portland that holds both our Sports Day and Cross Country on our grounds. The provision of a primary specialist is important in the development of fundamental motor skills, spatial awareness, game sense and a healthy attitude to life and physical activity.