The staff at St. John's want to get to know your child's and your families story. We pride ourselves on small classes, well resourced rooms, well maintained grounds and staff who work in partnership with you and do that little bit extra. We are guided by our simple, yet powerful motto of Praise, Love, Serve. These three words make us reflect on the following:

Praise: Our Brand and Identity....Who we are? What do we stand for?

Love: Community....Who are the members of the St. John's Community?

Serve: Learning the purpose...What we believe about learning and learners..

We welcome you to be be a part of our community.


“Being part of a Lutheran School means being part of a giant family. 39,000 Aussie kids are in Lutheran Schools. 89 schools all up! I can travel to any State or Territory and find ‘family’ – people I know, people who really care about kids. This ‘family’ is visionary – we see an Australia full of people who are educated, confident, thoughtful, tolerant, loving, faithful and humble, and together we work towards that.”
Steve Gollasch - Former Year 5/6 Teacher..

“Being a new teacher at a Lutheran school has been an amazing experience for me. Everybody is so welcoming and you really feel a sense of love and belonging. It gives you a sense of community amongst not just those at the school but the broader community. It’s a great place to be and I am so very grateful to be working at St John’s Lutheran Primary School.” Sarah Sewell - Year 3/4 Teacher.